Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long time

I have got physically a little better. I attribute it to echinasa and vitamin C building up my immune system. C is even getting better.

We moved K back up here from south Ga. She is living with us and looking for a job.

I haven't posted in so long because I have been sick and life has been a little hectic. I am just checking in. I don't know when I will post again. I hope it will be soon.


Friday, February 03, 2012

Still sick, but getting better

Hey Y'all
C went to the VA hospital and they said she had bronchitis/border line walking pneumonia. She is now taking anti biotics and things are getting better. I am still taking over the counter meds.

We had the pastor of our church come by and give us Communion. He brought fresh baked chocolate chip cookies too. He is a good guy.

I got out today (now yesterday) and paid some bills. I still got a few to go. not so easy come, but real easy go.

Y'all Take Care!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Both of us are sick

Hey Y'all,
C and I are both sick. C took a turn for the worse today. I am still sick and have canceled all my appointments for the week I will have to get out locally on Wednesday to pay bills. I hope I am feeling better by then.

C took P the grand to day care this morning for me. I got out in the cold and picked him up this evening. I think her getting out in the cold this morning had a little to do with her feeling like crap all day. We both slept this morning after eating breakfast. C went to bed about 9 pm. I think rest is what is doing us good. I am taking NyQuil and DayQuil. Today I added vitamin C and echanasa to my cold remedies.

Well, Take care!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am sick now.

Hey Y'all,
C is getting over her cold and I think I have caught it. I have been miserable.

We had company over from South Carolina. I spent most of the day asleep. It was good to see her. C and her are best buds. She is one of the people we miss most from down there.

Well I am going to make this a short one.
Y'all be safe!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

C is one sick puppy

Hey Y'all,
Cis laid up with the worst cold I have ever seen her have. The stuff she is coughing up has a red tinge to it. Hopefully she will start feeling better soon. It may take a trip to the doctor, We'll have to see. Pray she will get better soon.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Picking up where I left off again

Hey Y'all,
I am picking up my old habits again. I started smoking again. Every body needs some kind of vice, Right? My wife isn't too happy about it. She picked up the habit again recently. It made her feel really bad when I started again. It's not her fault, it's something I enjoy.

C and P and I are doing well. P is going to day care school. He is doing really well. C and I are just living out our retirement gracefully as we can. Lord knows we need grace.

Take Care,

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey Y'all,
C and I are up and watching TV. Tomorrow I get up early in the morning to take P the grand to day care school. In the morning being Friday. I took him to school this past morning and all this week.

I still have a little sinus infection left. I have started to poop again. I was really worrying about that. I will be glad when I get all straitened out. Maybe taking comunion the other day helped me out.

Well I don't know of too much. Y'all take it easy!